Active Shooter/Violent Intruder Virtual Simulations

With the unfortunate rise of “Active Shooter” (“Violent Intruder”) incidents taking place throughout the United States, now more than ever, educators, administrators, emergency responders and students need to be better prepared to confront the possibility of an “Active Shooter” or “Violent Intruder” at their place of work.

A wealth of information regarding this subject exists in the form of: case studies, videos, and as live role-playing reenactments. Documented incidents via case studies provide the reader with some general knowledge of the topic/incident. Videos can help increase additional understanding of the situation by repeated viewing. While live role-playing reenactments can help train and impart some actionable experience, it is usually only from a very limited perspective of each individual role-player. A major drawback of live reenactments and role-playing is they are limited to singular sessions (typically one day), are expensive to repeat and require extensive coordination to notify all potential participants to avoid confusion and potential injury from non-participating bystanders.

But do traditional training methods really prepare potential victims to confront and effectively deal with such a high-risk situation should it, unfortunately, happen at their place of work? We believe our Virtual Reality Training Simulations are the enhancement needed for existing “Active Shooter/Violent Intruder” training.

VCS does not condone the illegal or criminal use of any kind of weapon or similar harmful behavior.

Athletes train every day and are evaluated often. Students study and take quizzes to prepare for tests and exams to measure their learning objectives. Educators – and all other potential participants – need a tool which will allow them to repeatedly practice “Active Shooter/Violent Intruder” training scenarios from the safety of their work, home and any other location. We believe we have simulations which will increase the level of decision-making required for such potential high-risk situations.

Violent Intruder – Classroom

In order to be truly prepared for this kind of situation, one needs to practice and practice often.

You are the Instructor, protect your students from Active Shooter!

The following video is a demonstration of the kind of training scenario we are able to prepare and integrate into your training.