Learning though Simulated Experiences

Compared to traditional e-learning methods or classroom-based training, Skills Development Simulations provide employees an opportunity to learn through experience. From the moment the simulation begins, employees are making decisions, interacting with the 3D objects and converting the knowledge they just learned into a skill.

Skills Development Simulations Work!

Businesses which incorporate our custom Skills Development Simulations leverage state of the art 3D / Virtual environments that make a significant impact on employee training, and therefore, daily business operations .

Violent Intruder – Classroom

As an example, our Violent Intruder – Classroom simulation puts an educator in a classroom environment in which decisions are made that have a direct, measurable effect on the safety and well-being of students in the classroom. Our “Active Shooter” simulation is presented only from the educator’s point of view. The participant hears the Active Shooter’s activities and attempts to gain entry into the classroom, but never actually sees the shooter or the damage inflicted to students.

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