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Rolando Cruz and Richard F. Stewart are the founding members of Virtual Cyber Studios, LLC. With over 70 years of combined work experiences, they bring together their knowledge, resources and personal/work experiences to provide their customers with state of the art, custom 3D and Virtual simulations.

Rolando Cruz

  • 35 years of experience as a software developer
  • Since 2004, maintains U.S. Government Clearance which has given Mr. Cruz access to work on a variety of contracts including:
    • U.S. Secret Service – Colombia, S.A.
    • Independent Software / Northrup Grumman – Ft. Mead, MD
    • U.S. Southern Command (J2, U.S. BICES, SURNET) – Miami, FL
    • Joint Cyber Analysis Course – Pensacola, FL
  • Developed 14 different software products including: 
    • VoiceTranscript – Dictation System for Radiology using Voice Recognition
    • Papyrus Imaging Systems – Document Scanning Systems
    • ClaimPROBE – Medical Invoice Auditing System
    • PIS-TA – Wiretap/Case Management System

Richard Stewart

  • 38 years of DoD experience
    • 20-year Air Force career serving as a SIGINT Analyst and Emerging Technologies Engineer
  • Refined the area of Open Source Intelligence gathering to help develop and improve support to the global information operations mission set
  • Co-founder and Senior Vice President of the Emerging Technologies Group, USA, Inc. from April 2001 to October of 2009
  • Discovered key cyber persona operating on the World Wide Web which aided U.S. decision makers to counter information warfare operations directed at the USA and our Allies
  • Continues to provide tailored support via the academic environment, equipping tomorrow’s cyber-technicians to compete and succeed on an ever-changing technology-driven landscape
  • Currently holds a Top Secret / SCI clearance with FSP Lifestyle Poly