Development Notes – End of July 2021

This month saw some enhancements and fine tuning being done on how the AI NPCs operate Attack vs Bomb processing as well as how the Bomb work.

1- Added another Bomb Status – Defused. Bombs can now be defused by Hero NCPs and Players. Defused Bombs can also be fixed and reactivated by Mercenary NPCs and Players.

2 – Renamed Teams from A & B to Heroes and Mercenaries. This makes the game more about two teams rather than Team A or Team B.

3- Fine-tuned AI Behavior Tree to give Mercenary NPCs the ability to activate/repair Bombs and to give Heroes the ability to deactivate/defuse the Bombs. It take 3 seconds to defuse/deactivate/activate a bomb but it will take 6 seconds to fix and activate a defused bomb. This one task took up most of the programming for this month.

4- Corrected accuracy of the weapons for NPCs. Shooting accuracy has been improved by modifying the location and rotation of the weapon in the hands of the NPCs.

5- Added Fixed bug found in the ability of NPCs to locate and move to the closest bomb for proper processing by NPC.

6- Modified the Bomb explosion to also include Radial Damage to any character close enough to the shockwave blast. The closr to the bomb the higher the rate of damage to the character. Still have to program the visual of the character “dying” when the explosion happens. Currently the NPC is pushed back by the shock wave, would love to have the character also go into Ragdoll mode when this happens.

End of Development Notes!

More coming in the near future!

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