DevNotes – Week of July 9th

Nucflash Affair – Corry Station Update
Friday, July 9th

All about the Explosive Devices!

More completed features to report! This feels like a short week! My focus was more on the explosive device mechanics than anything else.

1- Active/Inactive explosive device are displayed on the players compass. They also display an on-screen information which include their status, distance and the countdown timer. Explosive device location also appear on the player’s compass.

2- Inactive explosive devices can be defused by friendlies before they are activated by an enemy AI NPC.

3- Explosive device location markers are removed from the compass when they are defused.

4- Completing Radial damage force – based on distance from exploding bomb, a higher or lower amount of damage is applied to the player and AI NPCs in the area. I should have Rag-doll effect working when the device explodes by the end of today.

Additional updates

*- Updated Mercenary AI NPCs to have last names assigned to them. Robot AI NPCs continue with the same numerical name-based system. Eventually the player will be able to have their own name assigned to the playing characters.

*- Work began today on different types of bomb. Soon we will have the following types of bombs available: Standard, Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Proximity and Land Mines.

Now I continue working on this project… More next week!

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