Development Notes – End of June 2021

We are now at the end of June 2021! Where has half the year go?! Plenty of progress this month. I hope I am able to keep up the same level of effort I’ve been giving to this project while balancing work and family.

Accomplishments for June 2021 at NA-CS…

1- Completed the Game Mode and Game State for the game. To win the game in single player mode, the player has to diffuse the last of all available bombs before time runs out without being eliminated by the Robots and Mercenaries. In multi-player (online) mode, one player has to diffuse the nuclear bomb

2- Debugged the Spectator View (got it to work!) now the camera rotates around the character who eliminated you. Also added ability to control how many seconds that will last. Currently defaulted to 5 seconds.

3- Completed programming of the Nuclear Bomb including the following capabilities – added visual countdown timer and keypad meshes. to a “Fat Boy” nuclear bomb mesh. Added ability to change amount of countdown time for the bomb (default 5 minutes), display/hide countdown timer/keypad mesh.

4- Created two types of AI characters, Robots and Mercenaries Character. Robots were created to go after the players and eliminate them (kind of like in Terminator Movie series) as well as to activate inactive bombs. The Mercenaries were created to fight alongside the player or the robots

4- Created AI logic for the AI NPCs (Robots and Mercenaries) to not only locate and engage their enemy (you, the player) but to also locate any bomb in the vicinity and activate it, if the bomb is in an Inactive State

5- Created AI logic for the Mercenaries based on whose side they are on, to either activate or help deactivate bombs. Added the ability to choose whether to not allow Mercenaries to defuse any bomb.

6- Added more Corry Station-based styled buildings to the A1 streamed level.

I will try to make these updates a weekly thing. My intention is to provide an update every Friday starting the first week of July. Let’s see how it goes.