Nucflash Affair at Corry Station


This project has been on my mind for some time now. I’ve always wanted to develop a Third Person Shooter video game which is free to download and free to play. I had trouble coming up with a theme which was different enough as to not become just another Third Party Shooter (TPS) shooter game. I finally came up with a theme and I’d like to share it with you.

The following is a short video showing basic game mechanics. A lot of work still needs to be completed but I wanted to share a small view of some of the mechanics of this game.

Sample intro screens and basic game mechanics – some images and scenery will change in future versions

Basically, it is a Single player or Multi-player, online Battle Royal type game. Free to download and free to play,

In the single player version, get through a number of robots and mercenaries without being eliminated and be the first person to locate, reach and deactivate a nuclear bomb before it goes off!

The multi-player, online version has the same premise except in addition to robots and mercenaries you will also have to work against other players who have the same mission.

Thank you for your time!