We create and refine Skills Development Simulations to integrate into existing training courses

Our main focus is to produce innovative “Serious Games.” Through our “Serious Games,” we design Skills Development Simulations (SDS) which allow individuals to learn one or more skills through experiences within a safe, repeatable environment. We design and develop “Serious Games” which cover the following topics: Cyber Security, Personal Safety and Skills-based learning. Click here for details

Skills Development Simulations can be described as developing or reinforcingf skills through simulated experiences.

”If you tell me, I will listen. If you show me, I will see. If you let me experience it, I will learn!”

Laozi (Chinese Philosopher)
aka: Lao Tzu and Lao-Tze

What are “Serious Games” and why should I use it in my Corporate Training?

Serious games are games where the primary objective is not to be entertained or to have fun, but rather, to learn a new skill or practice an existing skill. Within the past few years, the use of Serious Games has grown, in sectors such as education, defense, science and health, among others.

Serious Game: Virtual Malware Analysis

Businesses are including “Serious Games” as part of their HR training. The kind of games appearing within HR Departments are designed to teach knowledge and problem-solving and interpersonal skills. “Serious Games” are having great success in the corporate training environment. Here are a few reasons why:

If you already provide training courses in the areas of Cyber Security or Personal Safety, know that we do not replace existing training, we enhance it. Let’s talk!

Improved Employee Engagement

One of the main problems facing companies is the lack of commitment from their employees. They are neither motivated nor committed to the classroom-based or traditional e-learning training offered to them. Employees usually find these methods of training boring and frustrating.

Our simulations provide a solution to the problem. When employees interact with our simulations, they feel more motivated to complete games. The end result is that they are learning through playing. This translates into having employees not only with a stronger commitment for the training but also a loyalty to the businesses they work for as well.

Skills Development Simulation: Quadracopter hovering above Virtual Cyber Park

Learning through Simulated Experiences

Compared to traditional e-learning methods or classroom-based training, Skill Development Simulations provide employees an opportunity to learn through experience. From the moment the simulation begins, employees are making decisions, interacting with the 3D objects and putting the skills they just learned into practice.

Skills Development Simulations Work!

Businesses which incorporate our custom Skills Development Simulations leverage state of the art 3D / Virtual environments that make a significant impact on employee training, and therefore, daily business operations .

Serious Game: Active Shooter – Classroom

As an example, our Violent Intruder – Classroom simulation puts an educator in a classroom environment in which decisions are made that have a direct, measurable effect on the safety and well-being of students in the classroom. Our “Active Shooter” simulation is presented only from the educator’s point of view. The participant hears the Active Shooter’s activities and attempts to gain entry into the classroom, but never actually sees the shooter or the damage inflicted to students.