About Us…

Virtual Cyber Studios, LLC (VCS) exists to develop, refine and sell customized, cutting-edge 3D / Virtual Reality (3D/VR) simulations centered on cyber security and personal high-risk situational education and training. We believe 3D / VR simulations will make a significant impact on the business operations and training landscape.

As an example, our Violent Intruder – Classroom product simulates a classroom environment in which decisions need to be made by the instructor/teacher to ensure the safety of all the students. This simulation is presented only from the instructor’s/teacher’s point of view. The participant hears the Active Shooter’s activities and attempts, but never actually sees the shooter or the damage inflicted.

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Founding Members

Rolando Cruz

  • 35 years of experience as a software developer
  • Subject Matter Expert for both the Programming Fundamentals and Advanced Programming modules at the Joint Cyber Analysis Course
  • Since 1994, maintains a Top Secret / SCI with FSP Lifestyle U.S. Government Clearance which has given him access to work on a variety of U.S. Government contracts to include: 
    • U.S. Secret Service (2004 – 2009, Colombia, South America) 
    • Independent Software / Northrup Grumman (2009 – 2010, Ft. Mead)
    • U.S. Southern Command in the J2, U.S. BICES (2010 – 2015, Miami)
    • Joint Cyber Analysis Course (2015 – present, Pensacola)
  • Developed 14 different software products including: 
    • (VoiceTranscript) Radiology
    • Dictation System using Voice Recognition
    • (Papyrus Imaging Systems) Document Scanning Systems
    • (ClaimPROBE) Medical Invoice Auditing System
    • (PIS-TA) Wiretap/Case Management System

Richard Stewart

  • 38 years of DoD experience
    • 20-year Air Force career serving as a SIGINT Analyst and Emerging Technologies Engineer
  • Refined the area of Open Source Intelligence gathering to help develop and improve support to the global information operations mission set
  • Co-founder and Senior Vice President of the Emerging Technologies Group, USA, Inc. from April 2001 to October of 2009
  • Discovered key cyber persona operating on the World Wide Web which aided U.S. decision makers to counter information warfare operations directed at the USA and our Allies
  • Continues to provide tailored support via the academic environment, equipping tomorrow’s cyber-technicians to compete and succeed on an ever-changing technology-driven landscape
  • Currently holds a Top Secret / SCI clearance with FSP Lifestyle Poly