About Us…

Virtual Cyber Studios LLC (VCS) was established with the main purpose and focus of developing and selling customized, cutting edge 3D / Virtual Reality (3D/VR) simulations centered towards education and training of cyber security, personal high-risk situations and hazardous duty work environments. We believe 3D / VR Simulations will make a significant impact on the business landscape.

As an example, Violent Intruder – Classroom is one of the simulations we are currently working on. It simulates a classroom environment in which decisions need to be made by the Instructor to ensure the safety of all the students. This simulation is presented only from the Instructor’s point of view. The simulation participant will hear the Active Shooter’s activities but never actually see the shooter or the damage inflicted.

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Founding Members

Rolando Cruz

  • 35 years’ experience as a software developer.
  • Subject Matter Expert for both the Programming Fundamentals and Advanced Programming modules at the Joint Cyber Analysis Course.
  • For the past 15 years maintains a Top Secret / SCI with FSP Lifestyle U.S. Government Clearance which has given him access to work, as a sub-contractor, on different U.S. Government contracts for: 
    • U.S. Secret Service (2004 – 2009, Colombia, South America) 
    • Independent Software / Northrup Grumman (2009 – 2010, Ft. Mead)
    • U.S. Southern Command in the J2, U.S. BICES (2010 – 2015, Miami).  
    • Joint Cyber Analysis Course (2015 – present, Pensacola)
  • Developed 14 different software products including: 
    • (VoiceTranscript) Radiology
    • Dictation System using Voice Recognition
    • (Papyrus Imaging Systems) Document Scanning Systems
    • (ClaimPROBE) Medical Invoice Auditing System
    • (PIS-TA) Wiretap/Case Management System

Richard Stewart

  • 38 years of DoD experience,
    • 20-year Air Force career serving as a SIGINT Analyst and Emerging Technologies Specialist.
  • Refined the area of Open Source Intelligence needed to prosecute the global information operations mission set from a SIGINT operations standpoint. 
  • Co-founder and Senior Vice President of the Emerging Technologies USA, Inc. from April 2001 to October of 2009. 
  • Led the way in discovering key cyber persona operating on the World Wide Web as they attempted to hone their trade craft. 
  • Supported the cyber mission at NSA, CIA, DIA and its various tenant units for 17 years.
  • Continues to provide tailored support via the academic environment, equipping tomorrow’s cyber-technicians to compete and succeed on an ever-changing technology-driven landscape by calling on a wide array of skills and analytic techniques to better support their gaining units.  
  • Currently holds a Top Secret / SCI clearance with FSP Lifestyle Poly